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We collect information when you complete the contact and investor forms. The information collected includes your name, e-mail address, telephone number, position and entity. This information is recorded in a computer file held by the company AREVA Energy Storage, for the creation of a contact file and is subject to the provisions of the European data protection regulations (see art

      This file allows:


  • To respond to your requests for information and quotations
  • To send information mailings about the company AREVA Energy Storage

The data collected will be accessible only to the following recipients: employees and subcontractors of AREVA Storage of Energy and will be stored for 3 years. You can access rectify and request the deletion of your personal data or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data. Visit for more information on your rights. To exercise these rights or for any questions about the processing of your data in this device, you can contact our data protection officer via the contact form or at the following address: The data protection officer

AREVA Stockage d’Energie
Domaine du Petit Arbois
Bâtiment Jules Vernes
Avenue Louis Philibert
13547 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 04

If you feel, that your “Data Protection” rights have not been respected, after contacting us, you can file a complaint with the CNIL.


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1.2.2. Note d’information sur les cookies dans la page Charte de confidentialité


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