Hydrogen train, a proven emission-free alternative to diesel power



Today, most of the rail infrastructure uses electric power through catenary lines. However, diesel engines remain widely used when railways cannot be electrified. In Europe, 45% of the rail network is not electrified, which results into massive CO2 emissions.

The need to reduce pollution generated by diesel traction is widely accepted today. Fuel cells will play a key role in the transition towards a zero-emission industry and are poised to become an alternative for 1000+ km autonomy needs. Hydrogen trains offer a high performance and zero-emission alternative to diesel. It provides also a much higher autonomy than batteries and quick refuelling possibilities.

HELION fuel cell systems are bespoke for high power applications and benefit from ALSTOM’s experience as the first and only player in the world to deliver fuel cell powered regional trains in operation.
HELION already works on locomotive and freight applications for its RAIL fuel cells.


  • Zero emission and silent
  • Designed for high power applications
  • Modular architecture
  • High reliability thanks to an automated production
  • 25,000+ hour lifetime
  • Benefits from ALSTOM’s monitoring and
    asset management solution (HEALTH HUB™)


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The first hydrogen locomotive in Europe for SNCF
The first hydrogen locomotive in Europe for SNCF

The SPACT 80 project aims at developing a hybrid fuel cell generator for embedded rail applications. ...

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