First green hydrogen data center in France


First green hydrogen data center in France


First green hydrogen data center in France

Offering an innovative, local and 100% renewable digital data hosting solution, that’s the objective of ECOBIO-H2’s partners.

In the heart of the city of Avignon, the eco-designed building with 40m² of solar panels was equipped in 2021 with a micro data center consuming 10 kW continuously 24 hours a day; a figure that should quickly increase. This green hydrogen pilot data center integrated in another location, funded by ADEME and ECOBIO, is the result of the commitment of various industrial and academic partners. Among the most important, ECOBIO, project leader and manager of the eco-island,a residential and tertiary building with high environmental performance. then, the company ZenT, prime contractor, in charge of the design of the micro data center and  the installation of the "hydrogen and battery" hibrid electrical storage solution. 

HELION Hydrogen Power has been selected to supply its GreEnergy Box TM, a first part of the hydrogen chain which, combined with the EMS ZenT, halves the environmental footprint of the data center. Composed of a 1 Nm3/h electrolyser which produces high-pressure hydrogen and a 4 kVA fuel cell which converts the gas previously stored under pressure into electricity, this solution will provide electrical support and flexibility to the data center. In addition to its electrical support function, this innovative means of storage produces heat which will be converted by bringing hot water to the building.


Partners :
ECOBIO, ZenT, Enercoop, ETIS laboratory

With financial support of :

Date : 2022

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