Hydrogen based Renewable energy storage platform


Hydrogen based Renewable energy storage platform


Hydrogen based Renewable energy storage platform

In South Germany, dealing with a huge increase of photovoltaic systems number, it becomes necessary to find storage solutions enabling the stabilization of the electrical grid. That is the challenge to which the University of Erlangen, in collaboration with HELION and other manufacturers, rises. The project involves the installation of a hydrogen production system from photovoltaic panels to offer a solution for the absorption of the excess electricity in order to study the multi-use of  hydrogen (power-to-gas, electrification, mobility). Thus, HELION Hydrogen Power supplied an electrolyzer of 15 Nm3 /h operating in a range of temperature from - 5°C to + 40°C. An opportunity for HELION Hydrogen Power to demonstrate, under real conditions, the flexibility of the system and its impact on the fluctuations of the solar electricity production.

Partners :
University of Erlangen, AREVA GMBH, Bayernwerk regional electricity company (subsidiary of E.oN), etc.

With financial support of :
ZAE, the State of Bavaria (Germany) and the European Union

Date : 2014

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