HYDROGADZ:  Battery / Hydrogen hybrid propulsion boat


HYDROGADZ: Battery / Hydrogen hybrid propulsion boat


HYDROGADZ: Battery / Hydrogen hybrid propulsion boat

This project, led by “Hydrogadz”, a student foundation of the engineering school ENSAM of Aix-en-Provence, aims at designing a clean energy boat based on the direct hybridization without converter between a fuel cell and a battery.
As part of this project, HELION Hydrogen Power provided a 5 kW fuel cell module and brought its expertise in the management of Hydrogen and Hybridization, as well as in the system operation.
This boat competed during the Solar & Energy Boat challenge held at the Yatch Club of Monaco from 2 to 6 July 2019. This Challenge serves as a technological showcase, putting into competition dozens of competitors who must use promising clean energy source for the boat propulsion.
Regarding the outcome of the race, the Hydrogadz team won the “zero CO2 emissions”  prize.

Partners :
Hydrogadz, Arts & Métiers Fundation,  Alcrys, Adamia groupe, PACA Region, Cap Santé Groupe privé regional d’établissement de soins, Gruppo perMare, Groupe Tellis.

With financial support of :
all partners.

Date : 2019

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